Compiled Landscapes

On art and technology in relation to 21st century landscapes

New visions emerge where humans, nature and technology meet. Following the tradition of 19th century romanticism and landscape painting, we go in search of the sublime and hidden transformations of 21st century landscapes. Coded Matter(s) #13: Compiled Landscapes presents extraordinary stories and shirt films by artists, scientists, and designers. Using innovative technologies such as Virtual Reality, LIDAR scanning techniques, and experimental data visualisations, these visions show new ways how we can experience our environment.

Compiled Landscapes deals with the interaction between landscape and technology, and how this leads to new forms of experience and knowledge about our surroundings. The datafication of everything results in innovative ways to analyse and understand the world around us. Visualisation, sonification, and 3D engines enable us to track and comprehend invisible communication networks and operating systems. Scanning techniques make the invisible visible.

At the same time, these technologies also influence how our landscape is shaped. Technological development leaves a footprint on our earth—think of how mining for metals and toxic waste dumping in third world countries poisons the soil and the bodies of laborers. Together all these elements form important starting points for artists and designers to create stories. By making sublime elements experiential, they show how physical and invisible forces shape our landscapes

The programme consists of presentations and short screenings.

Coded Matter(s) is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL and Mondriaan Fund NL.

Ticket Info

  • Date:24 March 2016
  • Location:
    De Brakke Grond
  • City:Amsterdam
  • Time:20:00 - 23:00
  • Doors:19:30
  • Price:Door €16 / Pre-sale €14 / CJP/Student €12 / We Are Public: Free
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Photo by Sara Bjarland

Michelle Kasprzak [CA]


Michelle Kasprzak is the resident moderator of FIBER’s Coded Matter(s) event series. With her witty and insightful style of moderating, she has the remarkable skill to make complex issues accessible to a broad audience.


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