Expert Meeting: Scanning for Virtual Reality


Prior to the programme Coded Matter(s) #13: Compiled Landscapes, organised by De Brakke Grond and FIBER, there will be an expert meeting about Virtual Reality and the use of scanning technologies, such as LIDAR scanners, Kinects. Artists and designers use these tools in order to create hybrid VR experiences where 3D worlds are mingled with scanning data. We are especially interested how these tools have the potential to create new landscapes.

We invite artists, designers, scientists, architects, 3D experts, and developers to apply. During the afternoon participants are invited to share their experiences, and vision on VR as well as 3D scanning technologies and datasets. All participants are also welcome to demonstrate work(-in-progress). Invited participants are experts as well as people who are in a beginning/starting phase of their research/project.

Participation is free but limited, based on experience and variation in background. Interested? Apply here!

This expert meeting is part of FIBER’s Coded Matter(s) series.

Julius Horsthuis
– More names to be announced soon!

For more information about the evening programme Coded Matter(s) #13 Compiled Landscapes, please visit the websites of De Brakke Grond and Coded Matter(s).

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