Joris Strijbos

Cinematic Specimens

Performing sound and visuals with complex systems

A multi-sensory performance programme on a Sunday afternoon marks the start of the new year and the 11th edition of Coded Matter(s). Cinematic Specimens explores how artists and musicians use self-built systems and generative processes to produce sound and visuals. Through mathematical and biological principles, these (often autonomous) systems enable an entire spectacle of organic structures, granular spaces, and abstract textures. By keeping a balance between order and chaos, creators deploy these dynamic processes to fuse sound and visuals into a unified experience.

Tickets for ‘Cinematic Specimens’ are sold out! As of limited capacity there unfortunately is no door sale. However, a few tickets might become available again on the day of the event. Please keep an eye on our Facebook event page or the website of Brakke Grond for updates.

Ticket Info

  • Date:10 January 2016
  • Location:
    De Brakke Grond
  • City:Amsterdam
  • Time:15:00 - 18:00
  • Doors:14:30
  • Price:SOLD OUT

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