Catalogtree [NL]


What are the self-evident, but sometimes hidden forces that shape our modern day landscapes? We often cannot see the layers of infrastructures – like energy, transportation, military or data networks – that have direct impact on the form and future of natural landscapes. Still these networks are embedded in large-scale design processes that transform landscapes gradually over time. How does one make these transformations visible?

During the 13th edition of Coded Matter(s), Arnhem based multidisciplinary design studio Catalogtree will present their work that visualises and maps these transformation through data-visualisation and advanced cartography. In 2014 the team worked on an extensive design research and book design project ‘Landscape and Energy‘. This project, commissioned by Dutch landscape architects HNS, maps the effects of the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy on our environment. Other projects are their contribution to the ‘Verboden Landschap‘ festival, as they explored the subterranean structures at former military airfield in Delen with the use of a scanner and anaglyph stereo drawing machine.

About Catalogtree
Catalogtree was founded in 2001 by Daniel Gross and Joris Maltha who met at Werkplaats Typografie. The studio works continuously on commissioned and self initiated projects. Highly interested in self-organising systems they believe in ‘Form Equals Behaviour’. Experimental tool-making, programming, typography and the visualization of quantitative data are part of their daily routine. In 2011 they received a Dutch Design Award for the interactive iPad VPRO Backlight documentary Money & Speed.