Exploring The Subterranean

The eight edition of Coded Matter(s) is a special one: the FIBER Festival Symposium on Saturday May 16. We’ll explore the influences of custom built software and automated systems on art, culture and society. Via thematic talks and portfolio presentations we excavate our networked and ‘smart’ landscapes that have emerged from a worldwide explosion of digital technology.

With the return of the FIBER Festival we combine two of our main events into one big event. The last festival edition was held in 2012 at TrouwAmsterdam and back then artist talks and keynotes where only a small part of the programme. In 2013 we started this ongoing event series Coded Matter(s) (CM) as a research trajectory and opportunity to create more space for in-depth presentations and project reviews. Now we implement the outcomes of two years of CM within the festival symposium: Coded Matter(s): Exploring The Subterranean to create a solid backbone for the art and performance programme.

On Saturday May 16 the Coded Matter(s) symposium will invite 15 speakers to reflect on this year’s theme. Among them are up-and-coming artists and theorists like Gaspar Battha, Nick Verstand & Frouke ten Velde, Michael Dieter and established international speakers Matthew Plummer-Fernandez and Hans de Zwart (Bits of Freedom). Moderator of the day is leading curator and theorist Michelle Kasprzak.

Main topics are:

  1. Exploring the Subterranean of Our Digital Landscape
  2. Digital Light & Shadows; glimpses of immediacy, materiality and immateriality
  3. Validating the Stream; digital art and networked authenticity
  4. An Artwork Born From Infrastructure

Visit our Symposium page for the full programme and grab your ticket while it’s still there.

Coded Matter(s) is generously supported by the Creative Industry Fund NL

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Photo by Sara Bjarland

Michelle Kasprzak [CA]


Michelle Kasprzak is the resident moderator of FIBER’s Coded Matter(s) event series. With her witty and insightful style of moderating, she has the remarkable skill to make complex issues accessible to a broad audience.



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