Three Coded Matter(s) events at the start of 2016

FIBER is starting the new year with a bang!

Joris Strijbos

Coded Matter(s) #11: Cinematic Specimens

Performing sound and visuals with complex systems

A multi-sensory performance programme on a Sunday afternoon marks the start of the new year and the 11th edition of Coded Matter(s). Cinematic Specimens explores how artists and musicians use self-built systems and generative processes to produce sound and visuals. Through mathematical and biological principles, these (often autonomous) systems enable an entire spectacle of organic structures, granular spaces, and abstract textures. By keeping a balance between order and chaos the makers employ these dynamic processes in order to fuse sound and visuals into a unified experience for the audience.

FIBER and De Brakke Grond invite Michel Bauwens


Coded Matter(s) #12: Michel Bauwens & the Promise of the Blockchain

Future applications of decentralized databases

The rise of the infamous cryptocurrency Bitcoin has sparked interest in another revolutionary technology: the blockchain, which has been predicted to greatly alter the world we live in. FIBER and Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond present a night of discussions between Flemish cyber-philosopher Michel Bauwens and leading artists, designers, and researchers on the applications and implications of the blockchain.

Art, technology and 21st century landscapes


Coded Matter(s) #13: Compiled Landscapes

On art and technology in relation to 21st century landscapes

New visions emerge where humans, nature and technology meet. Following the tradition of 19th century romanticism and landscape painting, we go in search of the sublime and hidden transformations of 21st century landscapes. Coded Matter(s) #13: Compiled Landscapes presents extraordinary stories and images by artists, scientists, and designers. Using innovative technologies such as Virtual Reality, scanning techniques, and experimental data visualisations, these visions show new ways of experiencing our environment.