Yves de Mey upcoming new album on Spectrum Spools

“Drawn With Shadow Pens” is the new album by Antwerp based synthesist and sound-sculptor Yves De Mey. The album will be released on Spectrum Spools early 2016. With previous outings on a number of renowned labels such as Modal Analysis, Sandwell District, Semantica, Opal Tapes and his own Archives Intérieures imprint (with Sendai partner Peter Van Hoesen), “Drawn With Shadow Pens” is De Mey’s attempt at striving to reach a new apex in modern electronic synthesis; an album that will sound futuristic even in the future. If one were told that this entire album was comprised of tracks recorded in one-take and in mono, it could be difficult to fathom… but indeed it is true.

Listen to a cut from the album called Adamance below.

Yves De Mey plays Drawn with Shadow Pens // Audiovisual performance

After premiering the “Drawn with Shadow Pens” live-set at UNSOUND (Krakow) last fall, we invited Yves de Mey to perform his all new audiovisual performance of the same name at Coded Matter(s) #11. The visuals are specially designed for de Mey’s performance at ‘Cinematic Specimens’ by Malo Lacroix [FR]. Check out a sneak preview of the motion design below.

Yves de Mey from Malo Lacroix