Coding Workshops & Meetups at FIBER Festival

On Friday 15/05 we’re hosting a series of workshops, meetups and code jam for all those who are interested in artistic computer programming and critical technology. The workshops invite starting coders and more experienced audiovisual creators to workshop together under the guidance of an skilled and well-known teacher.


An introduction to computer vision and movement with vvvv (1 day)
This workshop is an introduction into the countless possibilities of vvvv as a platform for mapping visuals onto moving objects, and how to connect the image of a moving user into abstract 2D geometries, pointclouds and 3D Objects.

Teacher: Christian ‘Mio’ Loclair (Princemio / onformative, DE)
Date: Friday 15/05
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Coded Creatures – An introduction to creative coding, Processing and Github (1 day)
Coded Creatures is a workshop in ‘Object Orientated Programming’. In three hours you can learn the basic principles of the programming language Processing and design your own character. At the end of the course you can ‘release’ this character into the virtual environment with the use of online code-sharing platform GitHub. So if you take part in Coded Creatures you will not only master creative programming, but also learn to take the the first steps in the code-community and contribute to an ever-growing artistic eco system.

Teacher: David Jonas
Date: Friday 15/05
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Write The Wave – Create your own data-network by soldering a radio transmitter (2 days)
The word radio translates from Latin to English as ‘I beam/radiate’ and seems to hint at a potential of radio that was never realised. Radio could have been developed in such a way that as many would transmit as would listen, so that we could all be both broadcasters of information as well as listeners, just like the world wide web once was… In the context of the forthcoming ‘digital radio switchover’, can we make use of the old public AM/FM radio bands, and turn it into a new commons?

Teacher: Dennis de Bel & Roel Roscam Abbing
Date: Friday 15/05
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On Friday 15 May CCA and FIBER invite you to participate in one, big code jam at A Lab. Here you will be able to create, exchange or present your prototypes, bots and other digital beings. For the code jam we ask everyone the question: “what inhabits ‘The Subterranean’?”

‘Creative Coding Amsterdam’ is a meetup and community of people interested in all creative aspects of computer programming. Their open events are a place to meet for beginners as well as advanced users, professionals and people coding just for fun. Creative coding refers to all creative aspects of computer programming – it can be anything artistic or creative that you make by writing code. Games, visuals, music, robots, singing Valentine’s cards… anything is possible!

This event is free and open to everyone, regardless of experience. There will be opportunities to present your own projects, look at the work of others, and discuss creative coding informally over coffee and drinks at the end of the day. Afterward the opening of the festival exhibition will take place at A Lab.

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