Black Smoking Mirror (German Premiere)

The Programme of CM#9 High Fidelity is Complete!

We are very pleased to announce that Martijn Van Boven & Gert-Jan Prins’ presentation has been added to the line up. The programme of Coded Matter(s) #9: High Fidelity is complete!

In addition to already confirmed keynotes by Elliot Woods and Rosa Menkman on the powerfully interconnected relationship between light, code, calibration and resolution, as well as Belgian researcher Steven Puttemans’ [KU Leuven] presentation on the industrial implementation of advanced computer vision applications and artificial intelligence, Martijn van Boven and Gert-Jan Prins will conclude the night by explaining how they are developing a laser capable of making a light engraving on an inflammable canvas, with the CinemaScope aspect ratio.

The night programme will take place on 18 June in the beautiful Rode Zaal of De Brakke Grond and is led by our beloved moderator Michelle Kasprzak. In addition to the night programme, we will also present a 2-day Rulr workshop on 17 and 18 June led by Elliot Woods. More information about the workshop can be found here. Note: The workshop, as well as, De Rode Zaal has limited capacity, so make sure to get your ticket early.