Creative Coding Meetup Amsterdam #2

The second event of the Creative Coding community in Amsterdam is almost here. This event is free and open to everyone, regardless of experience. There will be opportunities to present your own projects, look at the work of others, and discuss creative coding informally over drinks.

What can you expect?

  • Short, informal talks by interesting people – speakers will be announced soon!
  • Open slots for talks by other interesting people. Like you! Let us know if you have something to share. Work in progress is just as welcome as finished projects.
  • Meet other creative coding enthusiasts and share experiences, or help each-other with nasty bugs.
  • Drinks are available for a small price.
  • Presentations will be in English.

What is creative coding?
Creative coding refers to all creative aspects of computer programming – it can be anything artistic or creative that you make by writing code. Games, visuals, music, robots, singing Valentine’s cards… anything is possible!

Creative Coding Amsterdam is a community of people interested in all creative aspects of computer programming. It is a place to meet for beginners as well as advanced users, for professionals as well as people coding just for fun. The team organizes informal events where you can meet up with other creative coding enthusiasts, show your work, learn about their work and create new work together on the fly. Their website collects resources that help you learn the basics of creative coding, as well as inspiring work and events to continue your journey.

Coded Matter(s) is proud to support the Creative Coding Meetup Amsterdam!

More info
CCM AMS 0010
20:00 – 23:00
Tolhuisweg 2, 1031 CL, Amsterdam (NL)
Website | Facebook | Facebook Event