Extended Senses

Extended Senses

Josué Ibáñez

For the seventh edition of Coded Matter(s) we collaborated with Mexican interaction designer Josué Ibáñez. We’re honoured to present the application which he created based on the theme Extended Senses. With the use of this environment we created the visual identity, flyers, video bumpers and sound design for the event scenography. The application, which was created using TouchDesigner, can be downloaded for your own enjoyment and discovery. The sound design was made by Mexican sound producer Eduardo Jiménez.

How to use
In this project you’ll find a folder divided in two parts. The TouchDesigner project includes all the textures in hi-res format created previously in an analog format in collaboration with the Mexican artist Dhear. The .TOE file is ready to edit and play with as well as the audio project in a MAX/MSP format.

To start interacting with the immersive environment, open the audio file from MAX/MSP and then the .TOE file in TouchDesigner. You can navigate into different cameras of the scene using the “+” buttons located at the top of the application.

We strongly recommend the use of headphones when you explore the project.

Since this is one of our first projects in TouchDesigner, Josué and Eduardo are pretty sure there are some bugs and several ways to improve our project. They encourage you to send them suggestions for improvements or questions to the following e-mail: josue@hotpixel.mx


Download the App from DropboxDownload the App from Bitbucket

About Josué Ibáñez
Josué is an Interaction Designer based in Mexico City. He is the co-founder of technology design studio Hotpixel and part of the collective COCOLAB as one of its creative directors. His work focusses on the creation of interactive experiences and visuals compositions to create digital environments. In addition, he promotes the work of artists and designers from different parts of the world as artistic director of the festival OFFF MEXICO.

About Eduardo Jiménez
Eduardo is a visual and sound producer based in México City. His work consists of experiments with digital and analog technology and code. His resources include circuit bending, magnetic tapes, microcontrollers and open source software. He is also the founder of Hacked Tapes Records, a label focused on noise and experimental music from México and other countries. His work has been exhibited in Mexico, Europe and the US.