Coded Matter(s) #8 - Exploring The Subterranean Graphic 02
Studio Naam 'Exploring The Subterranean' visual identity graphic

Exploring The Subterranean

Studio Naam

The design of the visual identity of Coded Matter(s) 8 and the FIBER Festival was create by our amazing partners Studio Naam. The Utrecht based design agency set-out to visualise the 2015 festival theme The Subterranean.

With ‘Subterranean; Exploring Networked Tools and Matter’ FIBER researches – together with makers, thinkers and our festival visitors – groundbreaking forms of art that offer a peek into a networked and ‘smart’ landscape which has emerged from a worldwide explosion of digital technology.

Studio Naam on their design: “How could a world be experienced where the sub-terrain is the encompassing feature? A surface merely absent of above-ground notice? To formulate these things within the perspective of digital media realisation, the material processing like silicon are cast as main lines of the graphic conception.”

Studio Naam is a design and development studio focusing on building brands and tailored solutions across all media.