Thought Kinetics (2014) – Kees & Joost Plattel [NL]

Artist talk & exhibition: demonstration

Thought Kinetics aims to augment individuals with technology. This interactive platform for extracting and transforming the data of life visually onto a digital canvas was featured before in FIBER Festival 2012’s Databooth project. The past few years, they have thoroughly tested several platforms and connections to build their technology on and have further developed the system, turning from a personal interest into a wider application of the tech. The current system can input nearly any data source from a live stream, from raw CSV, brainwaves, audio, and transitions in the stock market.  At Extended Senses, they will present a test installation, on which they’ll show both live data feeds from their installation and examples of how that data can be usefully visualised to quantify one’s self. In their artist talk, they will show us not just how, but also why they want to develop this system for quantified self projects.

The Thought Kinetics project was started by Kees & Joost Plattel, as a result of their mutual interest in data visualisation. As twins they shared a mutual interest in technology but with different perspectives outwards. Their interest in coding and art led them to create Thought Kinetics. By using today’s technology they wish to uncover and display the patterns of daily life, to reveal hidden information about ourselves.


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