Algorave Photo Recap

For everyone who couldn’t attend and for those who just love to reminisce: here’s our Algorave photo gallery. There are a few more shots on Facebook and Flickr.

If you’re wondering what language Alex McLean is coding in, with the coloured text and black screens: it’s Tidal. Alex (AKA yaxu) himself wrote this mini-language, which is embedded in Haskell, specifically for the purpose of live coding (polyrhythmic) patterns. He just released version 0.3, free to download and testdrive. There’s also documentation and tutorials to get you started on his website. Be sure to check out inspirational websites such as TidalCycles (tweet-sized patterns) and 365tidalpatterns (a pattern a day) for more ideas.

Give it a look, it’s pretty accessible and lots of fun. And maybe you could be the next algorave hotshot?

(And if you’re still wondering: Shelly Knotts and Matt Yee-King were using SuperColliderLuuma was using GLSL Shader Language, in an audio-visual feedback loop (and SuperCollider/C++ in the background), ExoTerrism remains shrouded in mystery…)

All photos by Tanja Busking.

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