Shelly Knotts [GB]

Live coding performance

As ravers dance to wonky algorithmic glitches, an onstage a battle of wills will occur as Shelly Knotts attempts to coerce SuperCollider’s JITLib into an inevitably noisy landscape of deformed calculations and deviant beats.

Shelly Knotts is a Newcastle, UK-based composer, performer and improvisor of live electronic, live-coded and network music. Her experimental and collaborative tendencies have seen her engage with diverse musical practices and styles ranging from electroacoustic tape music to live-coded dance music. She performs solo and as a member of various collaborations and presents her work across the UK and Europe.

She is currently studying for a PhD in Live Computer Music at Durham University. Past affiliations have included BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre) and sound art collective SOUNDkitchen. Her work has been published on Chordpunch record label, Absence of Wax netlabel and in Leonardo Music Journal. She has received commissions and residencies from PRSF and Sound and Music.

Current projects include network music band BiLE (Birmingham Laptop Ensemble) and live coded generative audiovisual performance ‘Valevari’ with Alo Allik, and studying for a PhD at Durham University.