Tijmen Schep [NL]


Tijmen Schep is an expert on the debates and challenges that have emerged in our data-driven society. Last year he published the websites Social Cooling and Mathwashing that gives an accessible overview of the problems related to Big Bias. At Coded Matter(s) Tijmen gives the audience a brief introduction to the topics at stake, introduces the speakers and opens up the floor to the audience to ask questions.

Tijmen describes himself as both a technology critic and privacy designer who helps citizens, designers and policymakers understand new chances and challenges in our data-driven society. Most of his work is done through PineappleJazz, a consultancy that helps organisations think strategically about technology and the future. Tijmen is particularly interested in the concept of Social Cooling, which describes the large scale chilling effects that arise as the internet develops a new layer on top of itself: the reputation economy. He regularly shares his research at events like TEDx and SXSW and recently released ‘Design my Privacy’, a beginners guide to ethical design for the Internet of Things.