Thinking Dodecahedron – Marcel Boonman [NL]

Exhibition: installation

A physical and interactive metaphor to provide an insight in the core which underlies the dyslexic way of information processing; ‘conceptual thinking’. The environment serves as input to create an ‘imaginary object’. The shape of the dodecahedron represents the ether, also known as the reference to ‘the mind’. This object functions as a simulation of the ‘dyslexic mind’, and attempts to collect, compare and combine data from sensors (colour, illumination, sound, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure). This information is given a place in the dodecahedron to create a concept (‘imaginary object’) in the mind.

Marcel Boonman graduated from Avans University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Multimedia Design in 2013. During his studies he discovered a way to use technology to find answers and try to make sense with the traditional method of creating and using metaphors. He generally focuses on educational purposes for himself and others, while using high and low tech methods to create tools to reorganise the ‘mind’ and make space for new thoughts.

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