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Soundlings [NL]


The Soundlings Collective is a young and international network of starting audio professionals. They have worked on a variety of projects, initiated events, shared knowledge and promoted the sonic perspective in the cultural landscape.

At Coded Matter(s) #2: Sound Hackers, Soundlings will be performing together with Gareth Davis.

Performing artists from the Soundlings Collective:

Tijs Ham (aka Tapage) is a musician and sound artist with a background in visual arts. He is also founder of the record label Tapeface. Musically, he believes anything is possible, which is reflected by the broad sonic range of his output. So far he has released several full length albums on the Chicago based record label Tympanik Audio alongside countless EPs and compilation appearances. In his art he applies programming, live electronics techniques and system design to explore and expand the possibilities of audible expression. Inspired by artificial intelligence, evolutionary processes and machine learning he incorporates similar approaches in order to create dynamic structures and experiment with their aesthetic results.

Roald van Dillewijn is a sonic designer, software designer for music, composer and performer from the Netherlands. Currently he is studying Sound Art at the Art, Media and Technology department of the Utrecht School of the Arts in Hilversum. As bass guitar player in a post-rock band his interest in weird sounds and sound effects keeps him busy for days. These days have became longer and longer with the formation of the noise/drone improvisation band Puin+Hoop. This fascination for sound and ultimate control of these sounds eventually led him to his current projects. He is currently focusing on a controllable art installation which he will use to create a sound piece that will be performed on several stages in 2013.