Jonathan Reus - 'iMac Music'

iMac Music, Jonathan Reus [US]

Audiovisual Performance

Jonathan Reus makes hybrid instruments and electronic music that blend machine aesthetics with free improvisation. His music and performances often deal with techno-cultural topics or make heavy use of custom electronics and coded systems in their realisation. For years Jonathan experimented with hybrid electronic music forms in the New Weird America scene of North Florida, blending live electronics with punk and Appalachian folk idioms. In 2009 he relocated to Amsterdam on a Fulbright fellowship to research technologically-mediated music at the Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music (STEIM), where he researched hybrid sensor instruments, real-time music software, and live performance technology.

Since 2011 Jonathan has been a recurrent co-curator for the Oorsprong curators improv series in Amsterdam, and often curates concerts and hybrid art-science events. He has programmed curricula for international student exchanges with schools such as CalArts (Valencia, California USA), MICA (Baltimore, Maryland USA), and IEM (Graz, Austria), as well as programs for professional artists such as the Instrument Lab week intensives at STEIM. In 2012 he co-initiated the monthly CreativeMusicCoding Lab, a knowledge-sharing event for artists and engineers who use algorithmic and coded approaches to music and performance.

Jonathan is a founding member of the soundlings international sonic arts group, and performs regularly as part of the III self-made-media collective. He has performed and given workshops throughout Europe and internationally.

At Coded Matter(s) #2: Sound Hackers, Jonathan Reus will be performing together with Sonolab.

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