Photo by Tim-Mooij Knip.

Sjef van Gaalen [NZ]


Which questions arise when we consider algorithms not as wildlife external to us, over which we have little to no influence, but as companion species? They have evolved alongside us, are trained by us and selected by us for behavioural traits that please us. Does seeing algorithms as domesticated create any changes in the human agency involved? Where does the allegiance of these new companion species truly lie? With research areas spanning camouflage, identity, and the ways in which our futures are created, and as the occasional perpetrator of cynical jokes about design, researcher and designer Sjef van Gaalen turns his attention to the topic of Algorithmic Wildlife, with a presentation crafted exclusively for the anniversary edition of Coded Matter(s).

Sjef van Gaalen [NZ/NL] is founder of Structure & Narrative, a nomadic research lab focusing on the exploration of new domains and horizons, and the reshaping of the emerging narratives. Recently speaking at the official Tokyo Pecha Kucha on camouflage and identity, and in Amsterdam for Hacker & Designers, Sjef has also written on Viridian design for a 5 year retrospective of the iconic design movement. His visual work takes varying forms, such as his collages or experiments in the automated generation of online identity, including his ongoing research projects List of Colors and the Dutch National Algorithm.

Photo by Tim Mooij-Knip.

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