Black Smoking Mirror (German Premiere)

Prins & Van Boven [NL]


Black Smoking Mirror is a performance about resistance, friction and obstruction of the canvas by laser engraving surrounded by electronic sound. During their talk Prins & Van Boven will focus on the development of a dedicated laser system to achieve their specific needs. The performance has been presented at EYE, IFFR and CTM/Transmediale.

Gert-Jan Prins (NL) focuses on the sonic and musical qualities of electronic noise and investigates its relationship with the visual. His works includes live performances, sound-installations, compositions, electronic circuits, and collaborations with composers, musicians and visual artists.

Martijn van Boven (NL) combines the techniques and possibilities of modern image processing and creation within the context of expanded cinema and early computer generated films. His work includes video- installations, films, collaborations with composers, and live cinema performances. He has been head of Interaction Design at the ArtEZ Institute of the Art since 2012.