Perfect Paul - Arthur Elsenaar

Perfect Paul – on freedom of facial expression (2012) – Arthur Elsenaar [NL]

Exhibition: performance

Lecture/performance by independent digital persona Perfect Paul discussing his latest research findings on the external controlled human face as a site for artistic computational expression. Perfect Paul, in a live show down of computer versus human facial choreographic capabilities, unveils an as yet unknown expressive potential of the human facial hardware and discusses its far reaching political ramifications.

Arthur Elsenaar (1962, Netherlands) is a performance artist, electrical engineer and facial hacker. Elsenaar is primarily known for his work on electro-facial choreography; i.e. the exploration of human facial expression by means of electrical stimulation of the facial musculature. His work has been shown internationally, has won several awards, has been acquired by the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam for their permanent collection and he was recently awarded a PhD for his work on the same topic.

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