Body Area Network – Marcel Boonman [NL]

Exhibition: Q&A

This research into the operation and possible applications of a Body Area Network followed a fascination for museum interaction and specifically with personal identification. The research was also part of a project for Naturalis (the Dutch national museum of natural history and research center on biodiversity); coming up with a concept for a new exhibition about dinosaurs. Many museums already use a form of personal identification, to be able to supply the visitor with focused information. Often an extra medium is used, such as an RFID card, bracelet or other identification technology object. The downside to this is how the focus sometimes is more directed towards the action taken with the added medium than on the information which is being requested. With this fact, Marcel Boonman sought out ways to melt personal identification into the human body, in order to then melt the learning environment with a human’s surroundings. This should lead to a more intuitive way of gathering information; by touching and grasping objects, without losing the possibility to provide personalised information.

Marcel Boonman will be present to answer questions about his system and its development during his Q&A.

Marcel Boonman graduated from Avans University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Multimedia Design in 2013. During his studies he discovered a way to use technology to find answers and try to make sense with the traditional method of creating and using metaphors. He generally focuses on educational purposes for himself and others, while using high and low tech methods to create tools to reorganise the ‘mind’ and make space for new thoughts.

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