Bartaku [BE]

Keynote: Volatile Matters 

In the keynote lecture Volatile Matters, Bartaku investigates the rapid evaporation of matter, meaning and identity. Introducing two active strands of his current research, he explores humans and their technologies as media/intermediaries that serve plant-beings and their intimate sensitive networks. 

Bartaku is an artist and researcher exploring the fabric of life, focusing on transformations of processes in nature and questioning perception and cognition. Inspired by systems thinking his rhizomatic and often ephemeral work manifests through interventions, installations, talks, writings and public collaborative labs. In 2007 he started the ongoing research PhOEF: The Undisclosed Poésis of the Photovoltaic Effect, recently exploring the essence of two power plants (the agave and chokeberry). Different aspects of power plants feature in 1HAMP, Nube de Oro and HoopGas, where Bartaku taps into their narratives, questioning their role in society.

Bartaku is member of cultural lab FoAM, artist platform State of the Arts, and co-founder of artist collective r-ohm.