Astralium (2013), Sander Bos [NL]


Astralium is an interactive virtual dreamworld which is entered through the use of an Oculus Rift. With Astralium, Bos aims to create an abstract representation of a certain state of consciousness. By immersing the viewer in this abstract world, a more meditative state of being can be attained, sending one floating weightlessly through virtual dimensions of Bos’ design. Guided by an ambient soundscape, the head is used to steer through the web of shimmering stars, sliding towards an expansive, luminescent mandala.

Sander Bos (1988) is a Dutch multimedia artist. Aside from his illustration and painting, he also creates virtual reality experiences and installations, lately focussing on the Oculus Rift. He studied Art & Design and graduated from the Academie Minerva art school, both in Groningen. His work has been exhibited at various festivals and in museums, including the Van Abbemuseum Young Art Night, Tec Art Rotterdam and Sign Groningen.

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