Canute (alex_and_matt)

Advanced SuperCollider & Live Instruments

By: Matthew Yee-King

This workshop is aimed at experienced SuperCollider users who are interested in combining code with instruments, getting a peek at a range of approaches. Topics that will be discussed include:

  • effects
  • live sampling
  • onset detection
  • beat detection
  • pitch detection
  • markov chains

If all of this goes well enough we might be able to cover some basic strategies of live-coding and set up
a little livecode contest at the end of the workshop!

Be sure to bring a laptop with SuperCollider pre-installed and an instrument to be able to follow the workshop!

The workshop will be given by Matt Yee-King, who’ll also be performing with AlgoRave godfather Alex McLean in their live drumming vs live coding combo Canute on Saturday night.

Participants will be provided with snacks and beverages. Please note that your workshop ticket does not include access to the AlgoRave Party on Saturday night. 

Please make sure you have both signed up via the registration form below and bought a workshop ticket!