The Encoded Groove: Free Soundmakers with Pure Data

By: Peter Kirn

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Do you want to learn how to create new soundmakers with PureData? This workshop is for you!

Build your own musical instruments, without spending a cent, using visual programming and learn to apply simple compositional ideas to the sounds you produce.

In this intensive crash course, we’ll see how you can manipulate time and sound in the free and open source tool Pure Data. Those new to patching will get to see the basics (if quickly); those with some experience should still pick up some new tips and techniques.

We will cover, in tutorial form:

  • The basic visual patching paradigm, and how it relates to traditional musical instruments and interactions
  • Simple oscillators as a building block for other structures (eventually, both sonic and visual)
  • How to play back, slice, and stretch audio, including some handy abstractions for granular and sliced audio playback
  • Means of generating and controlling rhythms and polyrhythms
  • Sequencing external MIDI hardware, here featuring MeeBlip

We will also have a brief introduction to how you can extend your creations in Pd, which can include (based on participant interest):

  • Building iOS and Android apps by embedding Pd
  • Routing audio to Ableton Live with Soundflower
  • Using OSC to control parameters more easily in performance, from an iOS or Android touch device
  • Sending OSC to Processing to produce visual effects
  • Adding video as an input, for visual and gestural control of music

You should bring:

  • Your laptop
  • Any MIDI gear, iPad, Android or other devices you might like to use

Participants will be provided with lunch and beverages. Please note that your workshop ticket does not include access to the evening programme.