By now you’re all aware we have Coded Matter(s) #7: Extended Senses coming up on Sunday 1 June. It’s looking to be a fine day, not just an event you pop in and out of, but a festival-esque happening where you can stick around all day and not just enjoy interesting talks, presentations and installations, but also have a bit, hear some tunes and… watch some videos!

There’ll be an Extended Senses cinema, featuring all kinds of films and video work relevant to our theme. It’s not all Hollywood blockbusters (actually, there will probably be zero Hollywood blockbusters), we’re also looking for smaller projects and ideas. That’s why we’re currently scouting inspiring, critical or speculative projects which deal with the extension, modification or manipulation of our human senses. The selected videos will be included in a film programme, which will be shown during the event to you, the broad audience of Extended Senses.

Have something you think fits well in our theme? Add your project to our Vimeo group and we’ll get in touch with you when we’re selecting the works.


Have something really good that’s not on Vimeo? Send an e-mail to and we’ll be sure to have a look.

Ticket sale for Extended Senses has already started, be sure to get one. Also, attendĀ the Facebook event for more background informationĀ on the artists.