Marcus Graf - Rosis Tres
Marcus Graf - Rosis Tres

Marcus Graf

Woe is us! Isn’t it hard working in the creative industry these days? Crisis all around, people grasping commercialism, designers and painters have been reduced to latte artists in order to pay the bills.

Those who can find any time at all to spend on their creative enterprise find most of their time is swallowed by the woeful task for not creating, but selling, networking and marketing. How unsatisfying! You weren’t really trained to do one, but you can’t do the other without it.

Fear not! Marcus Graf is here to offer solutions to our problems. In an enlightening talk he’ll show us just how man and machine can join forces to shape a new kind of artistic enterprise, more suited for these dire times. Armed with a projector and a chalkboard, Marcus will walk us through exactly what adaptations the modern artist can make in order to complete this transformation.

Through live demonstrations and a step-by-step analysis, Marcus demystifies and opens a discussion on the nature of the artistic process, one of the last exclusive domains of humanity.

Sound a bit mysterious? It’s supposed to…