Introducing: Andreas Nicolas Fischer

Our third speaker at Coded Matter(s) #3: Transmaterials, Andreas Nicolas Fischer (1982, Germany), concerns himself with the physical manifestation of digital processes and data. He uses generative systems to create sculptures, videos, prints and installations.

Fischer often takes a code-based approach to his creative process, removing himself one degree from the creation, letting the computer execute his commands with an inherent degree of randomness. Through this he investigates the use of automated systems and crowd-curation in contemporary art production, for example when he recently combined two of his projects to create a machine for art production.

The first is a program that adheres to the concept that there are no efficient algorithms for many computer science problems. Thus, the program’s approach is simply to try all possible (or many) solutions until the desired outcome is reached. This is called Brute Force Method.


To prepare for ‘Brute Force Method’, Fischer combined the program with his other project ‘Schwarm’ and let it generate and auto-publish images to his Tumblr. Renowned website Creative Applications was impressed and posted an in-depth review of his work, which you can read here.




Fischer’s latest work is a collaboration with Canadian producer EGYPTRIXX, with whom he’s doing an album, the video for Ax//s and an Audio/Visual live set for the Egyptrixx world tour 2014. One to watch for sure. And of course, CA was right back with another interview if you want to know more about it. If you want to just skip straight to the good stuff, check out the video to the right.

Suffice to say, we’re extremely excited to have this talented artist on board for Coded Matter(s) #3: Transmaterials.

Be sure to get a ticket in time if you don’t want to miss out (and trust us: you don’t)!