Happy New Year!

In just 12 days we’ll be kicking off 2014 with Coded Matter(s) #3: Transmaterials on Friday 10 January. We still have tickets for both the event and the masterclass by Quayola himself, so if your friends and/or family have been generous to you this Christmas, don’t hesitate to get one so you can start your year properly with our inspiring and cutting-edge programme! Check out our highlights from this year in the beautiful videos from below made at Coded Matter(s) #1 and #2 to get an impression of what to expect on the 10th! We look forward to seeing you there.

But of course, we all want to send 2013 off with a bang first. So whatever it is you’re celebrating, enjoying or trying to get as far away from as possible this year, FIBER hopes you have an excellent time.

See you next year!