CODED MATTER(S) Returns in 2018

With great anticipation FIBER is finally able to share the news: Coded Matter(s) will return for its fourth season, starting May 17 in Amsterdam together with De Brakke Grond. This year the artistic programme of talks, short films and showcases explores the craft of Worldbuilding. Derived from a long history of science-fiction writing and transmedia storytelling in TV and film culture, Worldbuilding is the creation of narrative frameworks in which fictional societies, social interactions, technologies and identities are anchored.

We know by now that our 21th century world is running on an operating system that is destroying the social fabric of our society and rich earthly ecology. Capital – the brute force of making profit – has increased social and economic inequality. Our goal is to present critical reflections and propose alternative applications of present day technologies to dream-up new cultural constructs and communities. Specifically, we will be looking at recent developments in algorithmic design, simulation technologies, games engines and the concept of terraforming.

On May 17, FIBER presents the first event at De Brakke Grond as part of a series of three subjects: Big Bias, Terra Fiction and Engine Spaces. Join FIBER for talks, films and debates with leading artists, designers, writers, technologists and researchers that dream up new worlds.