‘Trinity’ by Oscar Sol [ES] & Iris Heitzinger [AT]
‘Trinity’ by Oscar Sol [ES] & Iris Heitzinger [AT]

Coded Matter(s) #1 is a fact. Thank You!

We’re still glowing from last night’s marvellous first instalment of Coded Matter(s), we just want to take a moment to thank everyone who attended or in some other way, shape or form made this successful first evening possible. Thank you!

Later this week we will have a recap with photos and a blog post, and be sure to keep an eye out for video coming next week. We have recorded all talks and performances and are working hard to bring this content to you for reference and those who missed out.

Check out some of yesterday’s live updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Whether you attended last night or missed out and feel jealous, be sure to jot down the second edition in your calendar: on 10 November, a Sunday afternoon, Coded Matter(s) will be back with Sound Hackers, an afternoon programme featuring new music, instruments, sounds and possibilities. Expect more showcases, talks from the cutting edge of algorithmic instruments and maybe even a little party afterwards! See you then.

Sabrina Verhage ‏@SabrinaVerhage
Inspiring night @FiberFestival the first #codedmatters Super nice presentations & discussions!

Sjef van Gaalen ‏@thesjef
Now to demonstrate how woefully unqualified I am to comment on interpretative dance by reviewing Trinity: It was mad dope. #codedmatters

Ñusta Nina ‏@NustaNina
At #codedmatters, reading code as the new media literacy, city as hardware and code, media, technology as software. Interesting!