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Algorithmic Wildlife

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Neutralism is the first stage of ECO, a series of real-time animations demonstrating multiple bio-inspired interactions between Algorithmic Creatures. These Creatures’ geometric body structures are created based on various customized ways of finite subdivision, programmed using Processing. The community includes two species, EDF0 and CB91, which share the same environment but do not affect each other significantly through their behaviors, as a simulation of Neutralism in biology.

Raven Kwok (aka Guo, Ruiwen) is a visual artist and creative programmer, whose artistic and research interest mainly focus on exploring generative visual aesthetic brought by computer algorithms and software processes. He studied photography and received his Bachelor of Arts at Fudan University Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, and had been working as a self-taught animator and programmer far before that. In 2014, he graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with the M.F.A. degree in Electronic Arts. His master thesis project Algorithmic Menagerie was a simulated computer-based ecosystem inhabited by different kinds of self-organized but also interconnected cellular structures. His works have been exhibited and screened at media art and film festivals worldwide, including Ars Electronica, FILE (Electronic Language International Festival), Resonate, FIBER, Vienna Independent Shorts, Punto y Raya, MIAF (Melbourne International Animation Festival), SICAF (Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival), etc.