Artist Talk

At the anniversary edition of Coded Matter(s), artistic research collective RYBN will present The Algorithmic Trading Freak Show: a collection of uncommon, shocking and scandalous specimens of speculative trading algorithms. Organized in the form of a cabinet of curiosities and thematically ordered in series of logical flowcharts, these algorithms are evocations of obsolete, inoperative models forgotten by the markets. Like a collection of rare pinned butterflies or specimens conserved in formaldehyde for the sake of both empirical study and human curiosity, the collection presents experiments from early 1970’s to actual weapons of High Frequency Trading. These also include singularly crafted amateur trading bots as well as esoteric experiments situated between belief and logic.

The Algorithmic Trading Freak Show is a part of RYBN’s ANTIDATAMINING project.

RYBN.ORG is an extra-disciplinary artistic research platform, funded in 2000 as a web entity, disseminated into several servers all over the internet and physically present in Paris, Montréal, Berlin and Bruxelles. RYBN.ORG operates through interactive & networked installations, digital/analog visual cross-performances and pervasive computing. Their projects refer as well to the codified systems of the artistic representation (aesthetic, painting, architecture, avant-garde, music) as to the socio-politic and physical phenomenons, exploring various fields such as economics, data mass analysis, perverted artificial intelligence, disrupting auto-learning, language and syntaxes, sensory perception and cognitive systems.

Their work has been shown in numerous contemporary art exhibitions and media art festivals, such as Ars Electronica, Transmediale, ISEA, Elektra, Cellsbutton, and museums and institutions like the ZKM, LABoral, le Centre Pompidou, La Gaîté Lyrique, CNAP, CNAM.

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