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E.J. Swift [GB]


Can fiction save us from ourselves? E. J. Swift will discuss the role of speculative fiction in imagining alternative worlds, and how it might offer us a vision for a better future. She will share some of her approaches to world-building in fiction, and consider the challenges for the writer in creating a believable universe.

E.J. Swift is theĀ author of The Osiris Project, a speculative fiction trilogy published by Del Rey UK and Jabberwocky (US) that explores the geopolitical impacts of climate change. Book One, Osiris, is set in a future ocean metropolis, a failed utopia whose inhabitants believe they live on the last city on earth. The second book, Cataveiro, is set in South America, and expands the series to explore the world beyond Osiris. The series concludes with Tamaruq.

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