durr presented

DURR watch (2012) – Skrekkøgle [NO]

product presentation

DURR is a bracelet (or watch) that explores our perception of time by making it tangible. By markedly shivering every 5 minutes, DURR creates a haptic rhythm that makes the user notice his/her experienced tempo throughout the day. The first limited run of DURR sold out completely and garnered attention from media such as The Verge, Wired and Creative Applications.
Theo Tveterås and Lars Marcus Vedeler of Skrekkøgle met during studies at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, where they both were granted a master specialised in interaction design. Though differences in process and thinking, they found a mutual understanding about what they wanted to accomplish through their work. This also led to a tight friendship, whereby they among other things shared a run down apartment at the center of Oslo. After finishing school Theo and Lars Marcus both were hired by a large Norwegian software company, where they managed to stay respectively one and two years. This was also the period when Skrekkøgle was established (2011).

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