Andreas Nicolas Fischer, portrait by Daniel Hofer

Andreas Nicolas Fischer [DE]


Andreas Nicolas Fischer (1982, Germany) concerns himself with the physical manifestation of digital processes and data, through generative systems to create sculptures, videos, prints and installations. Fischer often takes a code-based approach to his creative process, removing himself one degree from the creation, letting the computer execute his commands with an inherent degree of randomness. Through this he investigates the use of automated systems and crowd-curation in contemporary art production, for example when in his recent project ‘Brute Force Method‘ he uses the approach of having his software generate any possible combination of variables and publish it to his Tumblr to afterwards analyse and question what artistic output is optimal.

“There are no efficient algorithms for many computer science problems. The simplest approach is to try all possible (or many) solutions until the desired outcome is reached. This is called Brute Force Method.”

Portrait of Andreas Nicolas Fischer by Daniel Hofer.

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