Ways of Seeing (with Computers), Rulr workshop

By: Elliot Woods

Wednesday & Thursday 17/18 June 2015
Time: 10:30 – 17:00
Instructor: Elliot Woods
Price (incl. lunch*): 175,-  Regular / €140,- Discount**.
(*Lunch costs €15,- **Discount applies to students) 
Level: Coding knowledge (GLSL, oF/C++) is not a requirement, but can be useful.
Applications for this workshop close on Monday 15 June at 4PM

Rulr is an application for calibrating artistic devices with the physical world. In order for these devices to deliberately manipulate space and matter, they must be sufficiently aware of their physical relationship with the world. The toolkit creates geometric understanding between optical, mechanical and human objects.


kimchi chips1

What will I learn?
Rulr is an open source node-based toolkit created by art studio Kimchi and Chips. Users can create patches of nodes to calibrate cameras, projectors, tracking systems and other devices, or can develop their own nodes using openFrameworks, vvvv, and OpenCV.

Participants will work in groups to conceive and build a model scene, using simple materials such as thread, paper and foam board, as well as mixed reality materials using projectors, structured light scanning and volumetric shading techniques. The result will be a semi-material physical sculpture which employs the capabilities of the toolkit, projectors and cameras.

Who is it for?
The workshop is for creative coders, artists, VJ’s and digital designers, who often build spatial interactive installations. It’s a hardcore calibration workshop, softened by a tool which does a lot of the work for you, and makes things visible / wrapped up nicely.

What do I need?
– Computer with decent CPU (Windows 8 64bit edition and USB 3.0 port)*
– DLP projector (if you have one, please bring it)
– Bring adapters to connect to a HDMI projector as required.
– A working set of applications will be provided. Coding knowledge (GLSL, oF/C++) is not a requirement, but can be useful
– some experience with spatial design is a pré.

* If you don’t have Windows 8 installed (e.g. you’re using a mac) then there will be some bootable disks which you can use to run the software for the workshop without installing anything on your computer.