A screenshot from the interface of the application.
A screenshot from the interface of the application.

Gallery: Daan van Hasselt

To create a unique visual identity for the first edition of Coded Matter(s), we asked Dutch creative programmer Daan van Hasselt to build us a tool. After all, what’s an event about creative coding if we can’t give you a bit of control too? Daan provided us with a beautiful application, built in OpenFrameworks, that was used to create some of the imagery you see in the background of the website, as well as in the gallery above.

(Be sure to have a look at some of Daan’s other work, both on his Vimeo channel in the side bar and on his website.)

You can download the application from the Gallery page or the links below and try it yourself; alter the code and build from the original design. The application enables you to shape the structure, colour and behaviour of the generated forms, and export images up to 300 DPI A2 format. In return for this free bit of visual fun, we kindly ask you to send us your version and images so we can use them as backgrounds. This way, you can be a part of Coded Matter(s) too.

Have fun!

Download the app from GithubView the code at GitHubApplication Manual