Daniel Berio

Daniel Berio presents his graduation work

Artist and programmer Daniel Berio will present his graduation work ‘Graffitizer’ during the first edition of Coded Matter(s). With his installation Berio has translated his own graffiti style and aesthetics into a piece of code; a generative algorithm. The algorithm controls two separate drawing machines that create two different pieces of art: one machine is painting with Indian ink, the other is sketching and video mapping a piece of graffiti. Occasionally Berio will intervene with the continuous process by slightly altering the code on the spot, so both machines receive a new characteristic and start changing their drawing behaviour.

Berio recently graduated with a masters degree from the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague. Inspired by ongoing developments in science and technology the students of this interdisciplinary bachelor and masters program develop forms of art that relate to society of the 21st century. We strongly relate to this concept, which is why Daniel’s work is examplary for the subjects we address during Coded Matter(s) and why we are thrilled to have him over.