Trinity, Electronic Performers [ES]

Interactive dance performance

Trinity is an audiovisual interactive dance piece by Barcelona based Electronic Performers (Oscar Sol & Iris Heitzinger), which tells the journey of a body going through different states of perception of space. Through movement, the body is immersed in an environment of textures and audiovisual landscapes that not only accompany, but will push to a transformation process.

About the artist: Oscar Sol
Under the name Electronic Performers Oscar Sol proposes, explores and promotes new forms of creation in relation to the audiovisual interaction with the performing arts. He’s an interactive visual artist based in Barcelona, Spain. His works, with a high technological component, try to achieve a clear and effective interactive effect, but at the same time try to not build on these aspects. The technology must act transparently, accompanying narrative and pure acting as a link between the different languages.

As a visual creator Oscar Sol specializes in the development of real-time generative graphics with the programming tool Jitter (Max/Msp). In 2009 he started the project Electronic Performers with the aim to produce audiovisual interactive dance performances. Since 2011 he has been working alongside musician D-Fried as the audiovisual electronic live duo DOSF. In recent years he has collaborated with the audiovisual collective Lectrovision, Alex Posada (, Eric Singer (Lemur, NYC), Cristian Vogel, Nikola Bahna (h20 Dance Co., Chile) and interactive performances with the London singer Bishi.

About the artist: Iris Heitzinger
Iris studied at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität (Linz) and continued her training in England, Holland, Belgium and Finland. Since then she has worked as a freelance performer with various artists and companies. Apart from her work as a dancer, Iris organises classes and workshops devoted to contemporary dance, work and improvisation in several countries. She is co-founder of the Guinea Pig Collective ( and creates her own individual works under the name of Miss Luiss Twisted (

Direction: Oscar Sol / Iris Heitzinger
Production: Electronic Performers
Choreography: Iris Heitzinger
Performer: Iris Heitzinger
Music: Ramón Prada/Vittus
Interactive design: Oscar Sol
Visuals: Oscar Sol
Costumes: Ariadna Papiol

Production: Electronic Performers

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