Simon Geilfus (ANTIVJ) [BE]

Artist Talk + Workshop

Simon Geilfus is a visual performer, designer and software developer at the influential visual label ANTIVJ. Think ‘Projection mapping’ and ‘immersive live shows’; ANTIVJ is at the core of these terms. They are truly pioneers when it comes down to mapping in/outdoor structures and performing with innovative motions graphics.

Geilfus himself has been involved in many ANTIVJ projects as a designer and developer, which have had an direct impact on many contemporary club and concert shows. Together with other team members he’s been responsible for many jaw-dropping live shows in which sound, light, visuals and space come together in new ways. Have a look at his work for Flying Lotus in the London Roundhouse (2012), his mapping software for the Stromae Tour (2011), his stage design for the Hugo Boss Black Fashion Show (2012) and his collaboration with IDM legend Murcof.

He regularly teaches the art of creative coding in cultural events and festivals around Europe and performed at leading festivals as Mutek in Montreal and Mexico, TodaysArt The Hague, Futuresonic Manchester and Scopitone Festival in Nante.

As a designer, artist and coder most of Simon’s work lies today at the intersection of art and code. Designing tools and new approaches for graphic and motion design has become one of his major interests. He enjoys creating graphics and visual abstractions as much as creating the softwares and systems to generate them.

If you want to get an unique inside view of his shows and performances, you should definitely attend Coding the Club on March 6.


ANTIVJ is a visual label initiated by a group of European artists fascinated by the use of projected/emitted light and its influence on perception. ANTIVJ artists have been recognized as leaders in their field, developing a very personal approach to video mapping projection, and being invited to create work all around the world. By developing their own tools they can create content that would not be possible otherwise, and also to face technical problems when industry standards software does not provide a solution. Their practice as artists and technologists range from the architectural projection, to installation, performance and interactive design.

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