‘Scramble for the Moon’ – Margaux Hendriksen [FR]


Scramble for the Moon is a speculative and critical design project that question those “ready-made” dreams created by the space mining industry. The aim is to understand what are the real motivations behind and interrogate our destructive systems of exploitation and colonisation. For the creation of this project Margaux collaborated with experts in planetary science to visualise what are the materials on the Moon, what could they be used for and where exactly they are located. Based on those data, she created a visual of how the Moon might look like in a future where a private company has monopolised most of the lunar resources.

Margaux Hendriksen is a material explorer and creative designer, based in London. She investigates unknown worlds where new ideas are shaped and engage in a variety of future application. Hey interest and knowledge lay within the fields of science, social anthropology and craftsmanship helps her to build hybrid and sensitive approaches.

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