Imagery from Elektropastete's 'Fifty Shades of Shaders' workshop.

Elektropastete [DE]

Talk & Workshop

This German digital arts collective (self-described as ’6 anillustratophotocoders and 1 typographiconoclast’) has gained renown with their diverse works, ranging from interactive light installations in museums to performances supporting the likes of DJ Koze and Lenny Kravitz. Recently they were even featured in Hugo Boss’ 20th anniversary celebration ‘Red Never Follows‘ at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Born out of their discontent with the Nuernberg nightlife, a group of Media Design students at Nuernberg’s University for Applied Sciences started organising their own parties, focusing on an inspiring visual atmosphere. After the success of their parties, the collective grew into what it is today. Working both for commercial clients as well as on autonomous and experimental projects, Elektropastete has developed a wide oeuvre of installations, light-based performances and other works that bridge the gap between virtual and physical.

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