Alex McLean [GB]


Alex McLean is a musician and researcher based in Yorkshire, UK. He live codes with his Tidal mini-language both solo as Yaxu, as well as in various projects such as Slub (with Dave Griffiths and Adrian Ward), Canute (with Matt Yee-King), the Hession/McLean Duo (with Paul Hession), and Sound Choreography Body Code (with Kate Sicchio). He is co-founder of Algorave, TOPLAP, the AHRC Live Coding Research Network, ChordPunch recordings, and the dorkbotsheffield and dorkbotlondon meetings. Alex completed his PhD thesis “Artist-Programmers and Programming Languages for the Arts” in 2011 at Goldsmiths, University of London, and is now Research Fellow and Deputy Director of ICSRiM in the School of Music, University of Leeds.

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